I have been an active Board Director on the Fairport Perinton Chamber of Commerce since 2013. I was elected Treasurer of The Chamber in 2015. We were awarded with Business of the month in December 2016.

We provide a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! You are paying for a quality service, and we want you to be happy with the results. Unfortunately there are rare times where spots may re-appear. Although we do everything possible to prevent this, we promise to do our best to correct any issues for free within the first 30 days. Just give us a call or drop us an email, and we will be back within 30 days to clean again for free.

Please note, for extreme urine or other soiling in carpets, under-pad replacement may be required in addition to sub-floor drying and sealing. For these extreme cases, additional charges may apply. Odor removal is not guaranteed. There may be some cases which require complete material replacement. In rare situations, it may be possible that soils will be removed but color spots/stains remain in the carpet creating the perception that the stain is still present. For these situations, the carpet is clean but fibers may be permanently color-changed. Nylon and wool can be dyed back to original color, however we can not guarantee results in these cases.

Although we do guarantee satisfaction of our cleaning services, we can not fix or repair carpet wear. Wear is different from soil buildup. However we will provide you with suggested maintenance techniques to prolong the life of your carpet. In a nut shell, the cleaner your carpet stays on a daily basis, the less you will encounter traffic wear patterns. Think of the soil in your carpet like sandpaper on the bottom of your feet. The more soil you have, the faster it will wear with each step. Now compare a clean carpet to cotton socks on your feet. Each step you take does not make a difference, the level of soil grinding down the fibers of the carpet cause irreversible damage.

We understand that schedules are not always easy to work with. With that said, we can clean during the week to match your schedule, but we prefer evenings, nights, and weekends! We can clean while you are home, or trust us to exceed your expectations while you are away! We can arrange for key pickup, or play “hide-a-key.” Give us a call or drop us an email for an estimate and schedule your restoration cleaning today!

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