Tile & Grout Cleaning Rochester, NY

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, etc

We provide tile cleaning services to remove grease, hard water deposits, soap scum, ice melt salts, and other unwanted soils.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Depending on soil levels, we perform the following steps to clean and restore your tile and grout:

    • Mask off surrounding surfaces if needed
    • Pre-spray our professional strength cleaning products onto the tile and grout
    • Scrub with grout brush and/or powered rotary machine
    • Pressure rinse with PH balancing chemistry, rotary wand, and vacuum
    • For tight to reach areas, an edging tool will be used. Appliances will only be moved if they roll easily across the floor
    • Dry floor with use of towel, bonnet, air movers, etc as needed

Pricing will vary, depending on type of material, setting, layout, access, level of soiling, required prep work, etc.

    • Grout repair is available! We can fix your cracked, broken, or missing grout with ease!
    • Industrial sealer and color sealers are also available to protect your hard surface investment!

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