15 December 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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4 Reasons Why Failing to Clean your Carpet will Cost in the End

Author: David Belliveau

If you think you are thoroughly cleaning your carpeting just by vacuuming, you need to think again. Even if you vacuum daily, which most people cannot do since life keeps them too busy for that- your carpet is still extremely dirty. That should make you feel better to know that since you haven’t been able to vacuum your floors every day. But I am sure that is also upsetting to hear because of the fact that your carpet is still filthy even if it is vacuumed at all.

Now that doesn’t mean you should quit vacuuming your carpets for good. You still need to clean the surface a few times a week and vacuuming will do that if you do a thorough job. But when you go into the fibers of your carpet, you will be horrified to find out what is lurking in there. You have dust and dust mites, bacteria, fungi and chemicals which any powerful vacuum cannot touch.

Even if you were to clean up spills right away to avoid staining, your carpet will still not be clean!

There is no way to avoid that crud from getting into your carpet fibers either unless you never went outside and never opened your doors, never ate in your kitchen or went to your bathroom. That is not a realistic scenario. The crud that is brought in from outdoors, the kitchen and the bathroom will settle into the fibers and that is how becomes so dirty.

In order to make sure you do have a completely clean carpet that is free of that crud is to have it professionally cleaned at least every 6 months, especially if you have young kids and pets. In fact, carpeting manufacturers require that you do have your carpets professionally cleaned in order to keep the warranty.

Listed below are 4 reasons why not getting your carpeting clean professionally will cost you in the long run:

  1. If you don’t clean your carpeting, you are going to need it replaced more often which will cost you a lot in the long run. Investing in a cleaning service for your carpet will save you a lot of money!
  2. Your indoor quality will be poor. Because of the fact that bacteria, fungi, chemicals and dust and dust mites are trapped in the fibers of the carpet, it will pollute your indoors and cause not only allergies but will cause other health problems that can be avoided.
  3. You won’t be able to maintain your carpeting properly. Most of the time, the dirt that falls onto your carpeting is not wet, therefore if you have your carpet professionally cleaned you will be able to maintain it by vacuuming. You can vacuum dry dirt. But if you don’t get your carpets cleaned, the dirt will settle into the fibers and that is when it becomes filthy.
  4. Your carpeting will not only look bad, but it will make your home look dirty as well. If your carpets are not properly maintained, it will make your home look very bad and your guests will certainly pick up on that.

Those are just some reasons why it will cost you if you do not get your carpets professionally cleaned! Take care of your carpet, your home, and your health and hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

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