Carpet Cleaning Costs

How Much Should Carpet Cleaning In Rochester Cost?

Carpet cleaning costs vary depending on the size of carpets and the types of carpets to clean. The cleaning service offered by all carpet is similar, but these factors shape the price:

Size of the cleaning rooms

Most carpet cleaning companies charge based on the room cleaned. This applies when the company charges a flat rate for the services and the areas around the house. The technique here is based on the square footage. These companies have a maximum limit to the square footage of a room. If the carpet exceeds the room’s square footage, an extra cost is added to the final cost. The flat costs do not include other activities such as moving furniture to create room for cleaning and returning them after finishing the cleaning. To avoid paying more, we advise that you move the furniture before the cleaners arrive. Ensure you also move other items such as electricals that may be affected during the cleaning.

Square footage

This is the most common method used by professional carpet cleaning companies. When issuing a quotation, the company will ask for a carpet size then measure it before cleaning. This method is only effective for large houses since the company will make more money cleaning many carpets; hence they will not charge any additional costs. However, if the house is small, the company will charge other expenses such as travel and fuel costs. The price also depends on where you are located. In most places, the company will charge 30 to 50 per square footage.

Method of cleaning

The cleaning method also affects the cleaning costs. The most popular method of cleaning carpets is hot water extraction. This method is also referred to as steam cleaning and involves using steam to clean the carpet. It uses high pressure to flush the fibers with hot water. The water is then extracted using a powerful vacuum mounted on a truck. Most carpet manufacturers recommend this method to keep the warranty valid. It does not interfere with the carpet and leaves the structural integrity of the carpet intact as before.

Another common method is low moisture cleaning. The method is also known as encapsulation cleaning due to the chemicals used. It uses a chemical solution and minimal water. It is suitable for quicker drying; however, it is not as effective as steam cleaning. It does not reach deep into the carpet to eliminate all the debris, and the water volume used is too less to dissolve all the debris trapped deep into the carpet. It is suitable for commercial carpet cleaning.

Extra costs for carpet cleaning

Most carpet cleaners have already established and fixed costs for cleaning carpets based on the pricing methods discussed above. However, the cost may increase due to additional costs depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the levels of stain. Some carpets are too stained and cannot be cleaned in one wash. Hence the cleaners will charge for the rounds until the carpet is fully clean. They may also charge for additional labor, time, and resources used.

Carpet Cleaning Packages

Here at Belview Floorcare, we have created 3 different carpet cleaning packages for you to choose from. Our most commonly purchased package is the Deep Clean. If it has been more than 12 months since your last professional carpet cleaning, we highly recommend that package. The Gold Standard package includes everything from the Deep Clean package but carpet protector has been added. This is perfect for clients that want to get the most life out of their carpet. Especially if you have children or pets. The added benefit of carpet protector helps spot cleaning efforts and the carpet to clean up with professional cleanings.The Economy Clean was designed as a maintenance carpet cleaning package. It is perfect for those clients that need the traffic lanes touched up in between their yearly Deep Clean or Gold Standard Clean. Clients with small families or homes that see little foot traffic can benefit from our Economy Clean carpet cleaning package too.

2022 Update – we simplified our carpet cleaning pricing and costs here


Regular carpet cleaning is necessary for health benefits and the home’s beauty. Vacuuming alone is not enough to clean the carpet; you need to hire professional steam cleaners to help you clean other debris the vacuum cannot eliminate. Leaving the carpet longer before cleaning will lead to additional costs; hence you need frequent cleaning services to help save on the costs. Contact us today for professional steam cleaning services. We offer affordable costs and excellent cleaning services to ensure your home is clean and the indoor environment does not affect the residents. Don’t take our words for it try it and see the difference.