15 August 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Author: David Belliveau

Most pet owners are constantly receiving companionship and love from their pets, and so they tend to neglect the hair, odor, dander, dust, and other issues associated with having a pet as part of the family. In an average American home, Dogs are one of the enemies of carpet. Since dogs see carpet as irritating, they tend to leave their hair, poop, urine, dust and sand that leaves dog scent and stains on the upholstery. However, there are some great carpet cleaning tips for pet owners for keeping their home clean and preventing large pet messes.

  • Vacuum Regularly
  • It is recommended for non-pet owners to vacuum at least once a week. For pet-owners, however, you may want to knock that up to 2-3 times each week. This will get all that pet hair up out of your carpet, over the upholstery, and tiles. Vacuuming is the least complex and most effective thing you can do to control the amount of dander and pet hair your home can accumulate.

  • For Pet Owner, Odors Can Be A Real Problem
  • Urine, accidents to other smells can easily be removed out of carpet and upholstery. A bit of baking soda works pretty well for carpets. You can sprinkle a container all through the carpet and allow it for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. After it sits, vacuum the carpet completely to remove all of the baking soda. This action will pull up odors and maintain fresh smell in your home.

  • Bathe Your Pets Regularly To Keep Them Clean
  • If you have indoor pets and your carpet is spread throughout your home, make sure you keep your pets really clean. Spend more time in brushing their coats regularly to avoid too much hair in your carpet to avoid damaging your vacuum.

  • Keep Your Pet Hair At A Minimum
  • You can dust and sweep your home daily, and mop your home routinely. All that is needed is a wet cloth or a feather duster to clean all surfaces. After which, sweep up the floor and slightly mop them to get rid of your pet hair. As pretty as hair is, it can be a real deal for pet owners. It can easily float through the air and settle on tables, countertops, and other furniture/surfaces that hold food. It can be assembled on furniture or other surfaces after you sit down! The pet hair from the furniture can be stopped or reduced drastically by using vacuum attachment tool to clean up pet.

  • Engage a Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Have a pro steam carpet cleaning service come in and clean your carpets before things get out of hand. Belview Floorcare’s carpet cleaning service is affordable and highly beneficial because it saves up your time to utilize in something else – maybe running and DIY work. We guarantee that you will enjoy our service and continue to keep up with us throughout the year.

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