Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Before using any purchased product on your carpet, ensure you test it out first. You can test it in a hidden section, probably at the back of the carpet. This ensures the product is not harmful to the carpet fiber. Some products have a high level of acidity and can easily burn the fibers, causing them to shrink, and some can bleach the carpet. While buying the cleaning detergents, check the instructions and manufacturing details and ensure the pH ranges between 8 and 10. Anything below neutral (pH 7) is considered acidic and harmful to the carpet.

Contact the manufacturer or read the user manual if you are not sure about using the detergent and any other item. Sometimes the manual may not be very clear, especially for first-time users; hence, it is best to contact the manufacturer. Using the product without clear instructions may lead to damage to the item and your carpet. Such instances can void the warranty; hence you need to be sure of all the instructions if you engage in a DIY cleaning.

Benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners

Cleaning the carpet occasionally and adequately has numerous benefits. It improves the general appearance of the home and the aesthetic value of your house. It also improves the health of all the residents since all the debris that can lead to foul scents of suspended particles are eliminated. The American Lungs Association recommends that if you have anyone in the house suffering from respiratory issues, you need to vacuum the carpet frequently to keep them safe. Besides the weekly vacuuming, you need to hire professional carpet cleaning companies to clean the carpet using steam cleaning equipment at least once a year. Professional cleaning is necessary to perform specific roles that cannot be accomplished by regular vacuum cleaning. Here are the benefits of professional cleaning.

Eliminating trapped pollutants

A vacuum cannot eliminate all the stains and debris in the carpet. This is due to certain challenges such as declining suction power, too sticky items, and fluid stains, and pet danders trapped in certain carpet areas. According to the environmental protection agency, a dirty carpet is an environmental hazard in enclosed spaces since they pollute the indoor air through the trapped allergens, dander, and dust. This stuck debris can generate toxic and harmful gases.

Vacuuming is an effective way of cleaning carpets, but it also releases the toxic gases trapped within the carpet fibers. Besides, vacuums do not have air filters; hence, the toxic gas is released to the home environment, further harming those with asthma or allergies. Steam cleaning eliminates all the debris and taps all the toxic gases in the steam water, which will then be dried off the carpet, leaving the carpet healthy for children.

Steam cleaning also uses various products such as preconditioners that are basic and can neutralize acidic gasses trapped in the carpets. Professional carpet cleaning offers numerous benefits in ensuring the air around the carpet remains fresh.

Removal of ducts mites

We know that many carpets are infected with dust mites; however, you cannot see them because they are microscopic. Sometimes the vacuum cleaners cannot suck them due to their sizes. They are not harmful unless you lie on the carpet and they get onto your body. They can find their way to various sections of the house, such as beds and furniture. This is possible when they move from the carpet to the pet’s body; then, the pet transfers them to other locations in the house.

They also leave behind fragrances that can be toxic to the environment and damage the carpet. They can easily cause allergies due to their small size. The vacuum can also disperse them to other locations causing further damages. The dust mites cannot survive steam cleaning; that is why you need a professional carpet steam cleaner at least twice per year.

Preventing mold growth

In areas with high humidity, homeowners have frequent mold growing on carpets or carpets changing color due to mold growth. Our steam cleaning process helps you to get rid of such challenges. In warm and humid areas, vapor can find its way into various sections of the house through cracks of sieve up the floor. This moisture can be trapped below the carpet and sieve upwards hence affecting the fibers. Using our high-powered drying equipment, we can eliminate all the vapor trapped in and below the carpet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these carpet cleaning tips and tricks!