Carpet Cleaning Rochester, NY

We have a variety of carpet cleaning options to meet your cleaning needs. We will provide an estimate based on your individual situation, and will never overcharge or attempt “bait & switch” tactics. Estimates will be itemized in full detail for full transparency.

For maximum protection, we always suggest reapplying Scotchgard Protection to prolong the life and appearance of your carpet investment, and help resist future soiling. Fresh Scent Deodorizers are also available in the following scents: Spice, Lemon, Sweet Lemon, Cherry, and Mountain Fresh.

Carpet Cleaning

Standard Carpet Cleaning Services Include:

    • Pre-vacuum and edging
    • Professional Pre-Treatment Spray w/ Agitation
    • Deep Steam Clean Hot Water Extraction
    • Basic Spots Included (Severe Spots Extra)
    • Carpet Grooming
    • $150 Service Visit Minimum

Optional Services (Additional Charges May Apply):

    • Severe Spots – Urine / Ink / Red / Gum / etc (Starting at $25)
    • Machine Powered Agitation
    • Scotchgard Carpet Protector
    • Deodorizer
    • Offsite Area/Oriental Rug Cleaning
    • Fan Rental = Faster dry times
    • Light/Medium Furniture Moving & Foam Blocks. Heavy Furniture (Beds, dressers, etc) will not be moved

Different types of carpet require different cleaning techniques. Although there are cleaning products that “do it all,” we will use chemistry designed specifically for each situation for maximum results! We also have an offsite service available for oriental rugs. Rug repair services are also available.

Severe urine, stains, and/or odor treatments will incur additional charges. Choose from a special 2-step cleaning or premium 3-step cleaning and deodorizer process. We will use a high powered industrial UV light to detect levels of urine contamination.

It is also in your best interest to hire us to clean your heavily soiled carpets to ensure you are getting the cleaning that you need!

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