Concrete Cleaning Services in Rochester NY

We provide concrete cleaning services to remove grease, oil, hard water deposits, rust, and other unwanted soils.

Depending on soil levels, we perform the following steps to clean and restore your concrete:

    • Pre-spray or mop our professional strength cleaning products onto the concrete.
    • Scrub with brush or powered rotary machine as needed.
    • Pressure rinse with PH balancing chemistry, rotary wand and high powered vacuum to reclaim water.
    • For tight-to-reach areas, an edging tool will be used.
If you would like the concrete sealed, additional fees will apply.
Concrete Cleaning

In most cases, concrete floors are valued and preferred by commercial areas. However there are also a large variety of uses that smaller companies or individuals can use. Therefore, concrete is still the most popular material when it comes to flooring in the exterior. However, it is becoming quite common to see concrete floors indoors too.

At Belview Floorcare, we realize that there is such a high demand for concrete floor cleaning, and there is a need for maintenance as well so it stays in good shape. It all depends on the nature and the kind of finish of your concrete floor, there could be other factors that you must keep in mind when it comes to cleaning them. This is why it is extremely recommended that you hire a professional and experienced cleaning company that will clean your concrete floors professionally.

Another reason you will need to have your concrete cleaned is that in the end if you maintain and clean your concrete floors, money can be saved on heat and energy. Concrete is cool during the summer, and becomes warm during the winter if it is exposed to a source of warmth. Concrete is also a low maintenance material which means there is no need to tend to it as often as other types of flooring, Not to mention that concrete floors can endure anything from heavy foot traffic to heavy machinery roaming on it, so they are resistant.

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