25 November 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Eight Ways to Maintain Clean Carpeting

Author: David Belliveau

It is expected that the majority of homes have carpeting in certain rooms, examples being bedrooms, dens, and finished basements. Carpeting is great to have in homes because it helps maintain warmth. Not to mention, carpeting can look very nice in certain rooms.

However, there are also problems when it comes to carpeting because it can be a great host to nasty microorganisms and bacteria. That is right! All of the gross stuff happens to be lurking in your carpeting whether you know it or not such as dust mites, mold and mildew. Not to mention, you are tracking in crud such as bacteria and lawn chemicals from the outdoors without even realizing it. That stuff ends up on your carpeting!

That said, your carpeting is far from clean which could lead to health issues in the long run. Not to mention, dirty carpeting tarnishes your home environment. Therefore it is absolutely essential that your carpeting is cleaned thoroughly. That may be difficult to do, however listed below are tips to help keep your carpeting as clean as you can:

Create a ‘No Shoes Indoors’ Rule

Since you already know that nasty stuff such as pollutants, pesticides and bacteria can be tracked onto carpeting from outside- then it is time to implement a ‘no shoes’ rule. Therefore, as soon your family members walk into the house they must take their shoes off. The same rules will have to apply when it comes to guests. If they don’t like to go shoeless, then they can either wear slippers or indoor shoes. However, once shoes that are worn outdoors enter the home, they need to be taken off right at the entrance.

Get into the Habit of Vacuuming at Least Two Times a Week

Dust mites also lurk inside the carpeting fibers, and they are usually responsible for allergy and asthma attacks. The only way to remove dust mites on your own is by vacuuming your carpeting and this should be done at least twice a week.

Not to mention, vacuuming will also remove surface dirt before it settles into the fibers. Be sure to have a powerful vacuum cleaner that has rotating brushes, a HEPA filter with great suction.

In order to make sure the areas of the carpeting are being cleaned effectively, be sure to go back to the same areas of carpeting. Especially if those areas are walked on more often!

Clean Spills on Carpet Right Away!

The fact of the matter is if something spills on carpet, it must be cleaned up right away or else it will settle into the fibers and staining will result. These stains are the most noticeable on light colored carpeting. However regardless of the carpeting color, all spills need to be cleaned up right away because stains are a great host for bacteria.

In order to clean spills on carpeting up, you need to do the following:

As soon as a spill happens, be sure to have paper towels or light colored towels on hand that can be used to soak it up. If a sticky substance spilled on carpeting, be sure to scrape it off with a spoon or a spatula. Whatever you do, never rub the spill because that will cause it to set into the fibers and spread the stain. Not to mention, the carpeting will become damaged that way.

However, if there was a spill that was not caught on time and a stain has already set, don’t panic. Stains can be cleaned too. In order to wash out stains, you need to take a cup and fill it with 1 cup of warm water, and add a ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid To clean stains, mix 1 cup warm water and 1/2 teaspoon mild liquid soap, such as fine fabric detergent or dishwashing liquid. Also create a separate solution of 1 cup of water, as well as several teaspoons of white vinegar and mix it up.

Once you have the warm water and detergent mixture, be sure to put a small amount onto the stain, and blot it by applying a clean light colored towel with pressure. Then you can remove the towel, and if the stain isn’t completely gone, rinse and repeat until it is. Never scrub the area as that will damage the carpeting.

Once the stain has been removed, be sure to rinse the area and blot with another clean towel. Then take the water-white vinegar solution and use a towel to blot up the area to remove any left-over debris.

There are other household cleaning solutions you can use as well for certain types of stains. One solution used to clean one kind of stain may be less effective for another. Here is a list of stains and solutions for each:

  • Club soda is a great stain remover, especially if red wine is the cause.
  • If stain is caused by candle wax or gum, use an ice-cube to place on the stained area to harden the substances and then scrape it away.
  • Apply corn starch, corn meal or baking soda to greasy stains. Allow it to stand overnight for 6 hours, and then vacuum it up. Then you will want to create a solution composed of ⅓ vinegar with ⅔ warm water. Use a clean towel to blot the stain with the solution, and keep doing it until the stain is completely gone.
  • If nothing works, then resort to rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You will need to test this out by applying a small amount to a stain in a hidden area since there is a chance it can bleach carpeting. Then use a white towel to blot the stain, and keep it up until the stain is removed.

Use Baking Soda to Take the Stink Away

If your carpeting has an odor, you can refresh it by sprinkling baking soda over the carpet surface. Allow it to settle for 15-30 minutes, then vacuum it up. Don’t use carpet fresheners as they will just mask odors, where baking soda will naturally freshen your carpeting.

Use Plain Water to Steam Clean Carpeting

You can always use plain water to clean carpeting without detergent. Use the steam cleaner as you are instructed, as hot water will clean out a large amount of dirt on its own. If you are not convinced that water alone can do the trick, you can always mix 1 cup of white vinegar to 2.5 gallons of water. You can always incorporate 1 more cup of vinegar if you want to strengthen the solution as this is a great method to remove cleaning residue from prior attempts.

Be sure to ventilate the area while you are cleaning the carpeting, and after you are completed as well. Be sure to also open windows and use fans to prevent mold from growing if you are cleaning on damp or humid days.

If you are still not confident that you can effectively maintain clean carpeting after these tips, you can always consult with your carpet manufacturer for recommendations on how to clean without having to use chemicals. You will also need to know if there are any cleaning requirements in order to keep your warranty.

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