6 September 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Fall Carpet Cleaning Tips

Author: David Belliveau

As fall rolls in Rochester NY, you are probably thinking about the home maintenance accompanied with fall. Carpet cleaning in the fall is very important as winter and fall seasons are less of a snowy season than a rainy season. This implies the attraction of more dirt, debris, and moisture on a daily basis.

One of the biggest investments you will make in a house is on the furniture and carpet that you put in your home. These items are pretty expensive to replace especially if you have a huge budget for it. With the proper carpet cleaning tips, you can maintain the elegance and beauty of your carpets during fall and for many years.

  1. Shampooing
  2. Shampooing is a cleaning technique where a dry foam shampoo solution is used in carpet cleaning. The best method involved in carpet cleaning is the dry shampoo cleaning technique where the carpet material is drenched in a dry foam shampoo solution, then vacuuming is used to remove dirt materials.

    Dry foam is recommended because it can simply be scrubbed in to the carpet, encapsulates the soil, and is vacuumed away when dried. This method is also very low moisture so it dries very quickly.

    Note: When using shampoo, be careful of ammonia based shampoo as they may leave a foul smell after the cleaning procedure.

  3. Store bought cleaners
  4. Store bought carpet cleaners for consumers are good for maintenance if you have pets tracking in a lot of dirt. But we only suggest these if you accompany it with annual professional deep cleans to extract any residues and remaining soil deep in the carpet.

  5. Beverages
  6. Warm beverages are common in cool weather, which increases the possibility of spilling your mug of hot apple cider or hot chocolate on the carpet. If you see a spill or stain, it is best for you to take appropriate measures to reduce some of the damage they cause. Using vinegar or detergent can help in lessening tough stains on the carpet. Just remember that it is difficult to remove tough spill and stain after it dries up.

  7. Make Use of Club Soda
  8. Have you ever cleaned your shirt with club soda after a spill? If yes, it worked pretty well right? If no, it really does work, you should give it a try. Club soda is one of the best cleaning secrets. Blot up a stain inwardly and outwardly with club soda and you will find out that your stain will soon vanish. This procedure may take more than one application, however, it will work for most stains including wine and coffee stains.

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