23 January 2018
Carpet Cleaning
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Four Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet Properly

Author: David Belliveau

Are you planning for an event at your home in the nearer future, and want to make sure your home is sparkling clean? Are you afraid of missing spots on your floor, ceramic or on walls after giving it a good cleaning? Do you want to do what you can in your power to ensure that your home is smelling fresh in order to save you embarrassment?

Above all, you are probably incredibly concerned about your carpet’s appearance and want to put some kind of plan in place for that possibility that one of your guests could accidentally spill a drink. You may even want to hire a professional carpet cleaner before you hold your event at your home. However, there are four excellent tips to use in order to keep your carpet maintained.

  1. Vacuum at least once a week. Vacuuming will not give your carpet the deep cleaning it needs, but vacuuming at least once a week will remove dirt and grime on the surface before it settles into the carpet fibers. Therefore, in order to remove dirt on top, as well as dust, giving your carpet a good vacuum no less than once a week will help maintain it.
  2. Adopt a no shoes rule or no bear-foot rule. Those who track dirt from outdoors from their shoes need to remove their shoes as soon as they enter your home so they don’t walk on your carpet, and dirty it up more. The same applies to making it a rule that only socks or slippers are worn while anyone is walking on carpeting. Oils from people’s bare feet will settle into the fibers and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Being consistent with those rules will help maintain the carpet.
  3. Remove spills right away. If a spill happens, be sure to have a white or light-colored towel on hand and blot up the spill immediately. Don’t rub because rubbing will set the spill deep into the fibers and create a stain, which will defeat the purpose. You only want to use a light colored towel so that dyes don’t also get mixed in. There are some homemade solutions you can use to help clean spills effectively.
  4. Professionally clean your carpets. Even with maintaining your carpet with the tips given above, dirt and bacteria from daily activities settle into your carpet fibers. That is not avoidable, therefore, it is imperative that you have your carpets steamed cleaned at least once a year, at the very least once every two years. If you have small kids and/or pets, you should have it cleaned every six months. Steam cleaning will remove dirt deep down into the carpet that vacuuming cannot remove, and as long as you have your carpet professionally cleaned- you will not only create a fresh and healthier home environment but prolong the life of your carpet. In fact, carpet manufacturers require that your carpet is professionally cleaned occasionally in order for you to keep the warranty.

When you are choosing a professional carpet cleaner, be sure to hire based on quality, reputation, and of course, you want the service to be affordable- but not too cheap because that is a sign that corners will be cut. This kind of cleaning cannot be skimped.

As long as you follow these four tips.

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