How much does it cost to get your carpet cleaned in Rochester NY

When it comes to the cost of getting your carpet cleaned in Rochester NY, there are a lot of factors to consider. Carpet cleaners typically charge for their services in two ways. By the area or room and by the square foot. For our residential carpet cleaning services, we charge by the area or room up to 200 sq ft. For commercial carpet cleaning services, we charge by square foot.

Carpet Cleaning Cost Factors

Before choosing a carpet cleaning company near Rochester NY. There are some factors to consider that will affect the price of your carpet cleaning service.

  • Insurance – it may surprise you but not every carpet cleaning company operates with insurance
  • Education & Certification – has the carpet cleaning company invested in education and getting certified?
  • Guarantee – do they guarantee their work? Will they come back to address your issues should they arise?
  • Bait & Switch – are there any surprise charges you don’t know about? 
  • Branding – does their vehicle have branding and are their employees clean and uniformed?
  • Industry Standard Equipment – is their equipment professional or does it look like something you could rent at the grocery store?
Our clients find a lot of value in the service they receive versus the costs of our services

Any 2 Carpeted Areas

Additional areas are $50.00 per area(200 sq ft max)
$ 100

Any 3 carpeted areas

Additional areas are $50.00 per area(200 sq ft max)
$ 150

Steam cleaning cost - what do we charge?

We are very transparent in our carpet cleaning costs. We charge $50.00 per area or room. Each area or room can be up to 200 square feet and we have a $100 minimum. 

There are some factors that could make your carpet cleaning more expensive. These factors include:

Pet Stains & Odors – removing pet stains take more time than our standard carpet cleaning service and requires specialty products. In many instances, we use a product specifically for removing the odor and then another product to remove the staining.

Excessive Stains – our standard carpet cleaning includes removing small spots and spills. However, excessive stains like multiple paint, koolaid, and filtration soiling require extra products and time to properly attempt removal. Your carpet cleaning technician will address these before starting so that there aren’t any surprise charges.

Residue Build-Up – some carpet cleaning companies use products that leave behind a lot of residues. These residues take extra time to rinse out to leave the carpet soft and fluffy. DIY carpet cleaning rentals can do this as well since they do not have the suction and cleaning power our industrial-grade equipment does. We highly recommend you avoid cheap carpet cleaning and DIY options as they often will cost you more.

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