30 August 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Safe for Babies?

Author: David Belliveau

Living organisms that are harmful to babies can be found in carpets in form of fungi, bacteria, insects, and mold. More so, some carpet cleaning solutions used by some carpet cleaning services are particularly dangerous because of their high chemical solvents.

Babies, when placed on the carpets are most likely going to inhale fume, touch or even lick the chemicals in the carpet. These chemicals dissolve dirt without water and soap, yet, give off strong odors.

Studies made us understand that an entire Ecosystem lives in carpets. They have easy access to the body of a crawling, sitting, or laying the child on the carpet and this can pose several health risks. More so, long-term exposures may probably increase the risks for chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, depending on the chemicals involved.

Is professional steam carpet cleaning safe for babies?

Yes, if you follow these tips:

  • Tip 1 – Hire Professionals Only
  • Before hiring a professional steam cleaner to do your carpet cleaning, make sure to research what solutions and products they use. Chemicals such as tetrachloroethylene, benzyl benzoate, sodium carbonate, butoxyethanol, formaldehyde, perchloroethylene, glycol ethers, hydroxyacetic acid, phenol, perchloroethylene, hydrofluoric acid, perfluoro-octane sulfonate (PFOS), nitrilotriacetic acid, sodium hydroxide, and naphthalene should be avoided. These chemicals can be very harmful to babies, even in the smallest bits of exposure.

  • Tip 2 – Baking Soda
  • The use of baking soda is another baby friendly method of thoroughly cleaning your carpet. Sprinkle an applicable amount of baking soda on to the carpet, sprinkle water and let it stay overnight. On the next day, you can vacuum it off. For tough stains, use a tough brush to scrub bits of the carpet. The excess water can be dried off using a vacuum cleaner, air or towels. The baking soda gets rid of not only stains by odors as well.

  • Tip 3 – Restrain Kids
  • Regardless of the method of cleaning, keep your kids out of the cleaned area for about four hours.

  • Tip 4 – Proper Ventilation
  • Keep the area well-ventilated and cool after each carpet cleaning.

  • Tip 5 – Vinegar and Water
  • Vinegar is a common DIY ingredient widely used for stain removal. Besides stain removal, it also disinfects making it an ideal option where kids are involved. Apply natural soap jelly to a soft scrub brush to thoroughly clean the carpet. This makes your carpet clean and safe for your kids.

  • Tip 6 – Fans
  • Use fans to help dry the carpet and minimize the chances of mold.

Some carpet cleaners use carpet shampoos that leave a sticky residue on carpet fibers. The residue is difficult to feel or see – though it can make carpets give off odor and feel rougher.

Not only does the residue latch onto the dirt, but kids, who play and crawl on carpets, can inhale these residues and get their hands on it, which often go into their mouths.

Hence, it is crucial that you follow these tips to assure the safety of your kids while cleaning.

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