17 November 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Keeping your Carpet Clean when you Have Kids

Author: David Belliveau

Did you know that carpeting on average gathers up 40 lbs of dirt and debris a year? If that is not mind boggling then I have no idea what is! And do you know what is even more shocking? Is when kids are in the picture, there is more dirt and debris collected! Therefore, the weight of the dirt will end up being far more than 40 lbs with kids involved!

However, there is good news. With a few good habits incorporated in your lifestyle, you can keep your carpeting relatively clean even with kids in the picture. Listed below are tips on how you can keep your carpeting as clean as possible.

Frequent Vacuuming

As you know, vacuuming is the first way to ensure a clean carpet. And in order to maintain a carpet that is fresh is to vacuum daily, or at the very least every other day. This way, the dirt accumulation won’t be as bad. You can even get a robot vacuum which will make your kids laugh when they see it move. Because a robot vacuum goes round and round and your kids will love that!

However, vacuuming is not the only way to keep your carpeting clean even though it helps prevent dirt from sinking into the fibers in the carpeting. But other cleaning methods need to be utilized.

Clean Stains Up Fast

If something spills on the carpet, be sure it is cleaned up immediately or else it will dry and cause a stain which is what you don’t want happening.

Always dab spills when cleaning those messes up instead of rubbing, because rubbing will keep the stains inside and allow it to soak even more. However, there are times when professional carpet cleaning has to be done.

Arrange to Have Professional Cleaning Once a Year

In order to maintain a clean carpet is to make sure a professional carpet cleaning company is hired to clean your carpeting through techniques that will completely remove stains and grime that the average person cannot. A professional cleaning company can help you maintain a home that is spotless if you hire them to do the job at least once a year.

Let your Kids Play in Certain Areas Only

We all know how messy kids can get, and therefore when they play on the carpeting that is how many messes can happen. Therefore, the carpet will be dirty. If the only areas they have room to play are in rooms with carpeting, then you will want to cover the floor with a thick covering so no messes can seep into the carpeting while they are playing.

If the weather is nice, encourage your kids to play outside instead which will also minimize the amount of dirt coming into your home.

Create a No Shoes Rule

Plenty of dirt and grime is tracked in from outside via shoes! Therefore, set a rule for your kids to remove their shoes as soon as they come home from outside. They can either wear socks, slippers or indoor shoes which will cut messes down quite a bit!

Tiled Carpeting Works Wonders

The tiled carpet is becoming popular, and this kind of carpeting appears like the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. Small sections of the carpeting can be installed in any way you prefer. This way, if a spill happens on the carpet tile, it can be replaced easily with a clean piece of carpeting which is cheaper and less stressful than replacing the whole carpeting!
If keeping your carpet clean is a challenge, this may be something to consider.

Encourage your Kids to Help

Your kids will not understand the importance of a clean home, but you can encourage them to help you by vacuuming by giving them a small hand held vacuum to use. In fact, encouraging your kids to do chores early on will help them turn into responsible adults. If they keep helping you out by cleaning, then your home will stay cleaner!

However, even if the kids help you out from time to time, you will still need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your home to make create a truly clean environment in your home.

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