7 August 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Maximize Carpet Cleaning Efforts to Reduce Allergens


Studies have shown that allergy symptoms can be controlled without having to completely remove the carpets from your home. Carpets act, in a way, just like air filters, trapping the allergens that are bouncing around in the air you breathe, thereby making the air cleaner. But also like air filters, over time, carpets become full and no longer have the room to trap these allergens. Ensure healthier air in your home by regularly cleaning and vacuuming your home to clear out the trapped allergens.

Start from the top down that is, start with the areas where the most dust and allergens accumulate, and work your way down. For those areas that aren’t accessible with a vacuum, use a microfiber dust cloth to capture the dust. Before you begin vacuuming, be sure to check that the bag isn’t full. If it is, replace it before you start, as a full or even semi-full bag will have a negative impact on your vacuum’s suction abilities.

Vacuuming is the best option for removing allergens, since it sucks the dust right out of the area instead of unsettling it or moving it around. Take advantage of your vacuum’s different attachments in order to get dust, pet dander and other allergens out from hard-to-reach spots. Some high-volume areas you’ll want to vacuum or dust over should include table tops, bookshelves, tops of cabinets, windowsills, picture frames, wainscoting as well as baseboards. We recommend vacuuming draperies on lower suction instead of shaking it out to remove the dust, as doing so will launch the dust particles into the air and instigate an allergic reaction in allergy sufferers. Use the appropriate attachment to vacuum your upholstered furniture, as these can hold onto lots of dust and dust mites. Don’t forget about curtains, bathroom carpets, throw rugs and lampshades.

While a thorough vacuuming will alleviate a lot of the accumulated dust and allergens in your home, the real solution to reducing allergens is consistent, regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Dust accumulates at a rate of six milligrams per square meter per day. Pet hair and dander can accumulate at an even faster rate, depending on what pets you have and how many you have in your home.

To keep allergens down in your home, we recommend vacuum cleaning rugs once per week, while focusing on high-traffic areas and bedroom carpets at least twice per week. Don’t forget to vacuum upholstered furniture and drapes at least once per month. If you have pets and live with someone who suffers from allergies, you’d do best with vacuuming your carpets every single day, or at the least, every other day.

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