More Things To Do In Rochester

1. Visit the High falls

Due to the strategic location of Rochester city on Genesee River, you can get to enjoy the stunning views of the High Falls as the river falls over the escarpment, creating a cloud of froth and mist as it lands 95 feet below. To get a nice view of the High falls, you can find a good vantage point at High Falls Terrace Park. Just a walking distance from the viewpoint is a line of restaurants, so you can get to enjoy a hearty meal with a breathtaking view of the Genesee River.

2. Explore Highland Park

One of Rochester’s main attractions, Highland Park, offers beautiful scenery with state-of-the-art landscaping. The scenic park boasts over 100 acres of breathtaking views of rolling hills and valleys. A walk through this beautiful park will make you become one in nature as you enjoy the serenity away from the bustle of the city. You can also explore Lamberton Conservatory, a beautiful glass structure that houses several species of tropical plants. It makes for a great indoor garden to take a walk.

3. Visit Seneca Park Zoo

Rochester is home to some fantastic parks and zoos, and Seneca Park zoo is one of them. It is home to wild animals such as Bornean Orangutans, African elephants, and white rhinoceros. It also houses polar bears and sea lions, and you can watch them dive and swim underwater as well. It also has several species of birds, deer, and other animals on its 15.5-acre piece of land. Take a trip to the zoo and watch the animals in their natural habitats.


As you can see, there are a lot of exciting activities to engage in while in Rochester, New York. We just highlighted some that would make it worth your while, but there’s more to do in the city, such as shopping in the Public market and visiting amusement parks such as Seabreeze amusement park. An excellent way to ensure your tours run smoothly is planning for and booking your tours in advance to avoid delays or inconveniences on the day of the tour.

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