Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpet cleaning is one of the most effective ways of cleaning carpets. The method involves steam; the cleaners use excessively hot steam that delivers the desired cleaning results. The steam temperatures range between 100 and 120 degrees. When the extremely hot water comes into contact with the carpet, it removes every debris, both sticky and non-sticky. The higher the temperatures, the more effective the cleaning. The steam is responsible for removing stains that could not otherwise be removed through any means.

The steam cleaning involves various elements, each playing an independent role to ensure the carpet is free from all sorts of dirt. The main element is the alkaline preconditioner, followed by sufficient dwell time and agitation using a grooming brush. The alkaline preconditioner should have enough time to dwell on the carpet before passing it to the cleaning tool. The dwelling time is necessary for the preconditioner to soak all the stains, debris, and sticky dirt on the carpet. This enables the cleaning tool to rub off the already soaked debris, which can be wiped off easily.

Professional carpet cleaning companies use either a manual or automatic cleaning tool, but we mostly prefer to use the automatic to help clean deeply and remove the debris. However, we can use the manual tool depending on the condition of the carpet. The automatic cleaning tool is necessary; for new carpets since they have stronger threads. We use manual tools for old carpets since they require attention ad tender care.

After the cleaning tool, we rinse the preconditioners and any other remaining debris from the carpet fibers. The rinsing fluid we use has a lower pH value, further lowering the pH value on the carpet to a neutral state. After that, we dry the carpet by sucking out the fluid using powerful vacuums. The immediate drying ensures no mold grows on the carpet. We use electric dryers because they are more effective than the sun and all spots in the carpet dry sufficiently. The immediate drying also ensures the fibers do not wick.


To ensure effective cleaning, we use a truck mount machine which is a hot water extraction machine. The machine varies in size from a standards portable machine to a large truck water machine. The standard portable machine requires electricity to heat water to the desired temperatures. The electricity also powers the water pump and vacuum motors. The large truck water machine is stationary and uses a gas engine or PTO-powered machine installed to heat the water and power the vacuum motors and water pumps.

The portable carpet cleaning machines can be used in many places, such as inside buildings and other challenging places to clean. We majorly use it for customers that require us to clean the carpets at their homestead. The trucks are stationary, and we use them when you bring your carpet for cleaning to our premises. The truck-mounted machines are efficient since they heat water faster and can recover much water from the carpet, speeding the drying process.


Our portable machines are also available for rental if you need to clean the carpet independently. However, the carpet will take slightly longer durations to dry as compared to the truck-mounted machines. It can take you days. We advise that you hang the carpet out in the sun after cleaning to allow it to dry effectively. Allow it to dry for about 3 to 4 days before you use it. This will ensure no mold grows on the carpet.

The best time to use the portable cleaning machines is during the summers when temperatures are too high; hence the carpet will take the shortest time to dry. Using them during winters and other cold seasons will cost you more since you require longer drying times. We advise our customers to consider using the truck-mounted machines on most occasions. The machine takes a shorter duration, and you will save more time and energy. The portable machines may be cheap, but they may cost you more in the long run.