24 August 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Regular Vacuuming

Author: David Belliveau

Power and suction are two important elements of cleaner performance, yet, cleaning ability isn’t just about these attributes. With a little education, you will better understand what cleaning really mean and which ones are important to you.

  • Steam carpet cleaning is also referred as hot water extraction and is one of the most popular methods for deep carpet cleaning. It is outstanding for its ability to expel deep settled dirt particles and stubborn stains.
  • Regular vacuuming is a method of cleaning that picks up bits of crumbs or dirt.

  • If done regularly, dry vacuuming can be effective for over 50% of the debris and dirt brought into the home. Whatever remains, however, can be removed via deep steaming carpet cleaning.
  • Regular steam carpet cleaning helps not only maintain the material but also provide a clean and healthy environment.

  • Machines used in professional carpet cleaning remove excess moisture and loosened dirt by thoroughly cleaning the carpets with hot water and suction. This makes your expensive carpets clean and fresh.
  • Vacuum cleaners, however, operate based on air flow from the top of the cleaning head through the vacuum cleaner and the filter system, then out the exhaust port. The vacuum motor (also known as the suction motor) is responsible for this airflow.

  • Professional steam carpet cleaning is less likely to leave a residue, no re-soiling, and does not cause fuzz (breaking down the carpet fibers), hence it provides a far better clean and finish to dry cleaning.
  • Vacuuming is valuable to the carpets, as well as your environment in the home. By regular vacuuming, you are picking all the allergens and bacteria that would some way or another be pushed deeper into your carpets that could possibly cause asthma or allergic infections.

  • A thorough steam carpet cleaning treatment involves various separate stages, the very first involves a high-filtration vacuum cleaner, and the next is a pre-spray which is designed to release any of the debris that is stuck between the fibers. The hot water extraction process follows, which is the process where cleaning solutions are directed into the carpets, and extracted alongside the pollutants.
  • The appearance and beauty of the carpet are to be regarded as well as its hygiene, and regular vacuuming ensures these. Vacuuming your carpet can help prevent it from becoming filthy and dirty as these attract fungi and germs. It can also help ensure a clean and long-lasting carpet by preventing dust mites.


STEAM Joint Benefit!!!

When regular vacuuming is practiced alongside professional steam carpet cleaning, it ensures:

  • that you have a clean and healthy environment
  • that your carpet won’t need to be replaced prematurely
  • that your carpets are kept in optimum condition for longer
  • that you can save a lot of money in the long run

This is highly beneficial in the long run as good quality carpets can last for over twenty years.

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