The Rochester Museum & Science Center is a community museum and planetarium in Rochester, New York dedicated to science education and local history. The museum also operates a 900-acre nature preserve. It is located at 657 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14607. Visitors can explore natural wonders, including the Strasenburgh Planetarium. You can even learn about the local ecosystem at the nearby Cumming Nature Center.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is an excellent destination for families with children of all ages. The museum is designed to be interactive and brimming with exhibits that explore current and extinct species. There are also exhibits that teach visitors about the history of science and innovation in Rochester. The museum’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and exhibits are regularly rotated to keep things interesting.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center is a great choice for families in Rochester, NY. It has three floors of exhibits that will make your family’s day. The museum also features a planetarium and travel exhibits. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. In addition to the museum’s history, you can explore the latest discoveries in the science of life.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center also features a planetarium on the campus. The planetarium shows feature giant films and laser light shows. The planetarium hosts regular Saturday night laser shows. Visitors can even enjoy free public telescope viewing on Saturday nights. Visitors can also experience the Challenger Learning Center, which includes space mission simulations. There are also regular events and family programs held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

Rochester Museum and Science Center is located at 657 East Ave., and provides opportunities for children and adults to learn about nature, science, and cultural heritage. The museum has both permanent exhibits and changing exhibits, which will fascinate even the most seasoned science enthusiast. The museum also operates the Cumming Nature Center, near Naples, New York. Admission to the Rochester Museum and Science Center is free, and members get free admission to the nature center.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center offers several exhibits, including the latest in technology, science, art, and history. It also hosts several live science shows and events. The museum also has an innovators’ area, where kids can participate in fun activities. The museum’s educational programs are designed to enhance learning while promoting lifelong learning.

The Rochester Museum and Science Center features an impressive collection of over 1.2 million objects. The collections are complemented by a library and archives. These collections include photographs, audio and video files. In addition, visitors can also browse the museum’s collection of ephemera and maps. You can even pet snakes.

Another interesting area of the museum is the Cumming Nature Center. The center is 900 acres near Naples, New York. It is a place devoted to environmental education. There are six miles of trails, educational programs, and service opportunities.