Tile & Grout Cleaning Rochester, NY

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, etc

We provide tile cleaning services to remove grease, hard water deposits, soap scum, ice melt salts, and other unwanted soils.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Depending on soil levels, we perform the following steps to clean and restore your tile and grout:

    • Mask off surrounding surfaces if needed
    • Pre-spray our professional strength cleaning products onto the tile and grout
    • Scrub with grout brush and/or powered rotary machine
    • Pressure rinse with PH balancing chemistry, rotary wand, and vacuum
    • For tight to reach areas, an edging tool will be used. Appliances will only be moved if they roll easily across the floor
    • Dry floor with use of towel, bonnet, air movers, etc as needed

Pricing will vary, depending on type of material, setting, layout, access, level of soiling, required prep work, etc.

    • Grout repair is available! We can fix your cracked, broken, or missing grout with ease!
    • Industrial sealer and color sealers are also available to protect your hard surface investment!

We only use advanced cleaning as well as sealing process for your tile and grout. This consists of a special cleaning solution that is meant to remove dirt, grease, stains as well as discoloration from the grout and tiles. Once the cleaning is done, a clear penetrating sealer will likely be applied to the cleaned surface area. If you want a color seal or stain, that option is also available.

Our highly effective grout cleaning process means that there is not a need for you to replace your grout because that will become quite costly. Belview Floorcare offers you an effective solution to your kitchen, bathroom, and shower cleaning needs.

Our proven process does consist of specialized sealers, cleaners, coatings and caulking to sanitize, restore and protect your kitchen, bathroom and showers tile and grout. This leaves those areas sealed and sparkling as it was new again with last results that you will be happy with.

Our proprietary sealing process can be used on porcelain, ceramic, marble as well as other natural stone showers. All you have to do is contact us because there is absolutely no need to remove or replace any grout which can pose a risk of damaging your tile.

At Belview Floorcare, we have the ability to restore your kitchen tile and grout to the point that it has a new appearance. We can do this with an advanced cleaning process. While servicing your floors, a color sealant can also be applied to your grout changing. Therefore, its appearance can be changed and then your floor will have a brand new look!

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