20 December 2017
Carpet Cleaning
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Your Carpet is Still Dirty After a Thorough Vacuum

Author: David Belliveau

When you were a kid, you likely were expected to do chores around your parents’ home to help get you prepared for the real world. One of those chores was likely to help your mom, or dad with vacuuming the carpets in your home or apartment. You probably vacuumed on every Sunday because that was the designated cleaning day. You were expected to vacuum or you watched your parents vacuum because that was the only was the carpets could be properly cleaned.

Even if you did not grow up with doing chores around the home, you likely knew that vacuuming was the only way to clean your carpeting- and once you moved into your own home or apartment, you made sure the carpeted areas were vacuumed at least once a week to keep them clean.

On the surface, a vacuumed carpet looks nice and clean. So why would you think otherwise? Especially if a thorough job was done. Especially if something in the past had spilled onto the carpeting, and you rushed to blot the spillage so it wouldn’t dry up and turn into a stain.

Between vacuuming the floor, and cleaning up spills right away, your carpeting should be as clean as it comes!

Unfortunately, you would be horrified to know that vacuuming the carpeting and even taking care of spills right away isn’t going to keep your carpets squeaky clean. In fact, pretty much all carpet companies require that you have a professional steam cleaning done every 1-2 years so you can keep your warranty.

Therefore, when you vacuum you are only cleaning the surface. Dirt on the surface, by the way, doesn’t make your carpeting dirty.

Why is that? Because dirt, bacteria, allergens, and fungi from outdoors that are either tracked in by shoes, pets or are blown in from opening the doors will settle deep into the carpet fibers. If you also have a den or hallway that is carpeted, cooking debris such as oils can fly from your kitchen and settle into your carpet fibers too. Do you even want to think about the bacteria that can fly out from the washroom, especially when you flush the toilet?

Therefore, the surface of your carpet may look clean after vacuuming, but underneath that lies a cesspool of bacteria, fungi, dust and dust mites and more other garbage you probably would not want to know about!

This is why you absolutely need to have a professional steam cleaning done for your carpeting once a year or at the very least, once every 2 years. All of that crud lying underneath the surfaces are extremely bad for your health and can cause allergies and respiratory infections.

In fact, if you have little children and/or pets, you should have your carpeting steam cleaned at least every 6 months because they will certainly track in more dirt than an older child or an adult would.

A professional carpet cleaning company will provide you recommendations on what kind of cleaning package to use based on whether or not the fact you have kids, pets, or have a tendency to walk into your home with shoes on more than you should. And when you are looking into having your carpets cleaned professionally, be sure to get quotes from at least 3 different reputable companies, as well as the kind of value you are getting based on the quotes.

You don’t want to skimp on price when it comes to cleaning your home professionally. Many times it is true that you get what you pay for, and you want to be sure you will have your carpeting thoroughly cleaned. A company that offers cheap pricing could be cutting corners and that is not what you want.

Think about the fact as well that more often you have your carpets professionally cleaned, the better maintained they will be, and they will not need to be replaced as often so it will save you money in the long run.

Even though it is true that vacuuming can be a good way to maintain the surface of your carpeting, and you should keep vacuuming once a week to do so, so less debris settles into the fibers- but vacuuming does not clean your carpeting the way you think it has! Only a professional carpet steam cleaning service can provide you that kind of job!

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